The most crucial aspect of "investment property" lies with the financing. Before we know exactly what type of strategy we could recommend to you, we need to know where things are at with you financially and credit-wise. Before you look at properties, you have to know what you can afford to buy. What type of credit do you have? Do you have any equity, or liquid funds to use as a down payment? Before you go any further in learning about investment property, take a minute to fill out this form below.

This will help us determine exactly how many properties you can be pre-approved for, and at what types of interest rates. Don't worry. By filling this out, you're not obligating or committing yourself to anything or anyone. This information will simply allow us to recommend what is even POSSIBLE for you. It will be a good general starting point for you to determine if investment property is something that could even work for you.....whether it be right now, or six months to a year down the road.

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