Sue Gonyea

Gonyea Properties, Inc. provides residential and commercial real estate services to buyers, sellers and investors throughout Minnesota. With 25+ years of experience in the real estate business, our goal is to educate and support our clients so they can make sound decisions about their property investments. We are proud that we have built relationships that are vetted in trust, ethics, honesty and hard work.

As a business owner, educator, and philanthropist, I believe that it is my responsibility to use business success as a means for helping others. I also believe in inspiring my clients to do the same. Whether I represent a seller or a buyer, a percentage of my fee goes directly to the nonprofit of their choice, or to my foundation, DO GOOD THINGS, a program that teaches youth how to become better and stronger leaders by giving them a chance to volunteer in communities. By donating, I am able to create deep bonds with my clients that goes far beyond the thrill of a sale or the purchase of a dream home.

Feel free to contact me directly at 612-267-5310 to discuss your real estate needs and philanthropic dreams. Let's do good things together, in business and in life.


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