Phong Cao

Phong grew up in Northeastern Minnesota and moved to the Twin Cities in 1989. Phong specializes in helping Asians or minorities in selling, buying their first home and buying their first investment property. As a new investor a few years ago, Phong knew what it was like to do it alone. Phong is here to help you overcome your barriers. Phong has a passion to help other regular people succeed in investing in real estate. Phong will help you get your property rented for free. Currently Phong lives in Burnsville with his wife and 3 children. Phong personally owns 6 single family houses and a commercial building that he rents out. In Phong's free time, he likes to golf, go to the YMCA, and play basketball. He has a basketball court in his back yard. He also enjoys playing football, volleyball, and tennis. Use Phong's experience to build your wealth through real estate. Feel free to give him a call directly at 952-994-6988 or send him an email to Visit Phong's website at


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