Billy Gabler

Being a teammate, a captain, and a coach of team sports and individual sports teams like wrestling helps prepare us for life outside of sports. Being on such a high level team, winning National Championships made it clear to me that it would be important for my success to find the best team around. I didnít have to look far because Re/Max Adv. Plus and Ryan OíNeill with The MN Real Estate Team were just a few miles from my home. I joined the true #1 real estate team in the United States and Iím thankful for my decision every day.

I was winding down and selling both my businesses in 2017 so I really look at 2018 as my first full-year of being a full-time agent. I could read off a list of helpful people on our team and brokerage but it would take too long. I am grateful to those who have helped make this such a positive experience and thankful to be at Re/Max Adv. Plus and a member of The Minnesota Real Estate Team.

As a realtor, Iíve been told Iím a good communicator, negotiator, and thankfully thatís translated into a good amount of transactions this year.

My prior career I owned a couple businesses selling wrestling gear online and as an Under Armour dealer. Like any business Ė communication, follow-up, mixed with hard work and grit will make anyone successful. Iím taking that and all my experience to the real estate industry and plan on having a long and fun career helping others buy and sell real estate.

Like many, Iíve enjoyed success throughout life and overcome some tough times as wellÖmy experiences have helped make me a well-rounded gritty guy and I think Iím more compassionate and possess a higher level of empathy for others then I may not have had without my 20+ years of business experience.

I love working with people in so many different circumstances and Iíve been told it looks like Iím enjoying what Iím doing and theyíre rightÖI love this business.


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